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Hello there

My name is Yuena Li and I'm a NYC based producer, director and digital content creator, 

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About Yuena

Yuena Li is a NYC-based Creative Director operating across multiple social media platforms for over 8 years. She thrives in challenging and demanding scenarios and can quickly adapt to the evolving landscape of today's hyper competitive digital marketing world. Exercising her creative talents, Yuena bridges the vital connection between her clients and their audience. Her expertise has enabled her to partner with more than 500+ popular brands such as Amazon, Disney, Barbie, HBO Max, and Qatar Airways. 

The lack of meaningful Asian representation in Western media became apparent to Yuena shortly after embarking on her creative career in 2013. This inspired a new dream of starting her own production company to highlight Asian creatives; she wants to produce bold and original content that intersects the socioeconomic strata and highlights the differences that should unite people rather than divide.



Let's connect to see what amazing things we can create. 

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